Cash Rebates

You can receive significant cash rebates on the sale or purchase of your home—and a combined rebate if you do both—based on the sale or purchase price. You must register with Higher Education Real Estate Advantage and make use of an approved Real Estate Company to be eligible for this benefit.

Schedule of Cash Rebates

Selling/Purchase Price Cash Rebate*
$50,000—$99,999 $300
$100,000—$199,999 $400
$200,000—$299,999 $625
$300,000—$399,999 $875
$400,000—$499,999 $1,125
$500,000—$599,999 $1,375
$600,000—$699,999 $1,625
$700,000—$799,999 $1,875
$800,000—$899,999 $2,125
$900,000—$999,999 $2,375
$1,000,000—$1,099,999** $2,625


*The ability to pay cash rebate may be prohibited in some states.

**If the purchase or sale price is higher, the cash rebate will be incrementally higher.